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Sustainable Power Experts

NuPower LLC is a leading sustainable power developer and investor. Our principals bring their industry experience and knowledge to all phases of project development, construction and energy operation. Through our subsidiaries, we are involved in a wide variety of sustainable power technologies including fuel cells, biomass, combined heat & power and district energy.

NuPower recently completed the development of the 37.5 MW Plainfield Renewable Project in Plainfield, CT. This $250 million project will be one of the most advanced biomass gasification facilities in the United States and began operation in the fourth quarter of 2013. NuPower conceived and developed this project, and was instrumental in creating the enabling state policy and regulations supporting renewable energy generation.

Our company currently has a number of projects under development. The Bridgeport Thermal Energy Project is a district energy project which will serve downtown Bridgeport. The project utilizes waste and low quality heat from existing power plants to create low temperature hot water, which is piped to system customers. The system is highly efficient and will reduce customer greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent. The project utilizes advanced European technology and is supposed by CT Green Bank and the Danish Clean Energy Cluster. Final phase engineering is underway, with construction anticipated to begin in late 2016. Several additional thermal energy projects, include a large-scale chilled water storage project, are presently in the early stages of development.

At NuPower, we focus on all stages of the renewable energy space including early opportunities and existing projects. Our considerable project development experience allows us to quickly assess the risks and returns on which to base our recommendations or investment decisions.

Our track record of industry expertise, resources and collaboration has set us apart in this industry. We welcome advisory and/or investment opportunities with partners who share our vision.