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Sustainable Renewable Energy Development

NuPower engages COWI to design district heating and cooling for Bridgeport, CT
February 2013
Connecticut developer NuPower Thermal has engaged COWI, a Danish multinational engineering company with a Trumbull, CT office, to develop the concept and design of the first modern hot and chilled water system in the United States in years.
The silver bullet behind the project is use of an advance European technology for medium temperature hot water as opposed to a steam system for district heating. Modern hot water systems are much more cost effective with lower capital and operating costs.
Downtown Bridgeport is a perfect place for a community thermal loop with a large mix of city, state and federal buildings as well as private corporations. Bridgeport also has a number of thermal energy sources next to the downtown area whose waste heat can be tapped to provide the medium temperature necessary for the district heating project.

"The City of Bridgeport has an established track record of supporting innovative green energy projects like NuPower's district energy project. We look forward to realizing this project's potential to provide Bridgeport with low cost heating and cooling through the intelligent use of energy that would otherwise be wasted," says Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch.   
NuPower is a leading renewable energy developer based in Easton, CT and will complete construction on its 37.5 MW biomass plant in Plainfield, CT later this year.
Funding for this feasibility phase is by Wheelabrator, FuelCell Energy, Inc and the Connecticut Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority.