NuPower LLC

Sustainable Renewable Energy Development

Plainfield Renewable Energy Project

PRE Photo July 2013

Plainfield Renewable Energy (PRE) is a 37.5 megawatt biomass power plant using waste wood fuel. NuPower developed the Project under the Connecticut Project 150 Program. It is the largest Class I renewable facility in Connecticut. The six year permitting and approval process involved over a dozen state, federal and local administrative agencies.

The plant is located on a 27 acre remediated brown field site in the town of Plainfield, Connecticut. The Project also owns a 14-acre parcel on the Quinnebaug River in the neighboring Town of Canterbury for water intake and discharge. The State and NuPower entered into protective easements and covenants at the plant site to preserve wildlife and wetlands.

The Project executed a 15-year power purchase agreement with Connecticut Light & Power for 30 MW of output with the balance sold into the regional capacity, energy and REC markets. The plant employs advanced biomass staged gasification technology developed by Outotec Energy Products (formerly Energy Products of Idaho). The air pollution controls set the standard for low emissions in a solid fuel facility. The fuel is derived from a diverse combination of source separated construction and demolition wood, urban wood waste and other wood fuel sources. Much of this fuel has historically been disposed of in landfills. The environmental benefits of utilizing waste wood as a fuel are well recognized and have been supported by numerous environmental organizations including the National Resources Defense Council and Sound Keepers.

The development process for this Project was exceedingly complex. In addition to a multitude of regulatory hurdles, NuPower successfully addressed the needs and concerns of various government agencies and community groups. The successful outcome in this difficult development process demonstrates the industry expertise and capabilities of the NuPower team.