Energy Technologies and Systems

The leaders at NuPower LLC have gained experience in nearly every facet of the renewable energy market over the years. You can rest assured that working with us means partnering with qualified professionals who believe in your vision.

We provide sustainable energy solutions to facilities and institutions using our energy technologies and systems. Contact us or learn more about our services below.

Combined Heat & Power (CHP)

An industrial or commercial facility can use combined heat and power (CHP) systems to get thermal and electrical energy services cleanly and efficiently. CHP is an energy-efficient alternative to purchasing electricity and burning fuel in a furnace or boiler to produce thermal energy. 

NuPower LLC expertly develops and installs CHP systems for any facility that is logistically and economically feasible. We encourage any facility to consider installing a CHP system where thermal and electrical output can be utilized.

Combined Heat & Power Plant

Fuel Cells

These are electrochemical devices that produce electricity by combining hydrogen and oxygen. Both heat and water are created as by-products in the process. Fuel cells are used by institutions and large industrial and commercial facilities for direct power and backup power. Unlike traditional electrical grids, fuel cells aren’t impacted by weather-related disruptions. 

Although the installed cost per KW can be higher than conventional power plants, state and federal incentives make fuel cells a cost-competitive option. NuPower LLC will integrate a fuel cell with a CHP system for optimal economic and energy efficiency when feasible. Contact us to learn how fuel cells can benefit your business or project.

District Energy

District Energy (DE) is a generic term for district heating and cooling. It is an alternative to the antiquated steam systems that often release heat waste into the environment. The main idea of DE is to efficiently utilize fuel, heat, and cooling sources while reducing emissions using low-temperature heat (below 210 degrees Fahrenheit). 

The process results in significantly lower operating costs than older, more conventional steam systems. Due to the lower temperature, the local systems of pipes used by DE can stretch over long distances, leading to a far-reaching, efficient, and reliable heating and cooling method.

NuPower LLC is proud of it’s leading work with in to developing and installing DE systems for cities, municipalities, and institutions.

Aerial View City Lights

Battery Energy Storage Systems

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are becoming more economic and functional especially as the world pivots to renewable eenergy. These systems capture energy produced when electrical demand is low and provide a reliable and cost effective power source with zero emissions. The BESS carbon foot print can be futher enhanced by storing electrical power from green renewable generation sources which are becoming a larger portion of power generation. BESS advantages include peak shaving, grid support and back up power.

NuPower is developing BESS applications in front and behind electrical method. This includes all aspects of project development and construction.